Saturday, December 19, 2009

Santa Called Aiden...LOL!!

So last week Aiden was acting up. I know I know, with a 4 year old boy, that's bound to happen. But since it is the Holiday season and Santa is watching, I have MAJOR leverage. So let's just start at the beginning shall we?

Aiden has been wanting a Lightsaber (which is a weapon that is commonly used in the Star War films). He does not want a blue one, since that means he is a good guy, he wants a red one. And yes, you have guessed is the color of a bad guy. Go figure! Anyway, he has been obsessing about this for months, and every time we go walking through Walmart (don't hate...we're poor) he has to point the red double sided Lightsaber out, and say "Look mommy, it's a red Lightsaber!! Can I have it PLEASE!!" I say "NO!! you will poke your eye out." JK!! Stole that line from the Christmas story. And if you have never seen it, I feel sorry for you. So back to the topic at hand...

I suggest to him every time we have this sighting per say, that he should ask Santa for it. But there is a catch...and Ohhh how I love this catch. I tell him that Santa does not bring toys to boys and girls who have been naughty. I say that if he really wants that lightsaber, he has to be a good listener and be a good little boy. Okay, so that is pretty general, but it covers every base. I am not going to say "Well Aiden you have to brush your teeth really good at night, or you have to eat all your dinner....)" Because, let's face it, then he can be an a$$ the rest of the time. So to be a "good listener" covers it all. Brilliant!! Thank you, I will be signing autographs next Friday.

So one day last week he was being a true and honest PILL!! Just not listening at all!! So I called Sean (who was out of town) and told him to call and pretend to be Santa. I told Sean to use a big HO HO HO Jolly voice, so that Aiden would really think it was Santa. Unfortunately, I only got the last part of the conversation on film. But here it is: My son is not a fool.....bummer ;(


  1. hahahah! sooo cute! Thanks for these updates Trish I really enjoy them. :)