Saturday, February 6, 2010


Hey there,

It has been a while, but I am back...hehehe!! I actually hate blogging because I have to have everything perfect. Such as: the font of the text, the grammar, the spelling, and even the post itself has to be funny and entertaining...Ugh!! I am such a high stress perfectionist that I take the joy out of something so basic and fun ;-) So no more!! If I have any mistakes, or the blog is boring...I say "Oh well." LOL!!!

Anyway, we went to Mc Donalds today since it was raining here. We thought that we could feed the kids and let them get some energy out. Is it just me, or are the kids that go to Mickey D's brats and pains in the asses?? I mean not to say that mine aren't, but really what a bunch of degenerates! And their parents can't follow the simplest of rules. Do not EAT in the play area, take you SHOES off in the play area, etc. I have a toddler that picks food off the ground if it is there. He doesn't care, but I do!! If you have your kids eating and dropping their food, and then stepping on it with their grimy shoes, my kid is going to stick that Sh@# in his mouth and chew away. AHHHHHH!!! GROSS!! People follow the rules!! They are there for a reason. Needless to say, not a great experience at the Mc Degenerates ;-)

Okay, now that I got that off my chest, let's talk about something more pleasant. Hmmmmm?? ya, got nothing for you ;-) JK! I have been meaning to post a video of Kieren being a ninja, and Aiden annoying the crap out of NINJA Kieren :) If you pay attention, towards the middle of the video Aiden starts retaliating with his farts. It is hilarious!! Every night Aiden asks to watch the video where his butt says......ffffffffffffffff!! Warning, Kieren does his loud whining (due to his irritation of his brother getting in the way). And Aiden is acting like a poster boy for Mc Donalds....hahahaha!!