Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kieren being too cute to punish =)

Okay, so Kieren is 'that' kid. If you have ever seen a River Runs Through It, Kieren is Brad Pitt's character. He even looks like the little guy that plays him in the movie. He is just got so much charm; And is constantly using it to get out of trouble. No really, I have proof. For instance, every night I put Kieren to bed an hour before Aiden, in hopes that he will fall asleep before I bring Aiden in for bedtime. It usually works, but lately Kieren just sits by the window patiently and daydreams (or more accurately put "night-dreams") until Aiden comes to bed. Then the FUN begins!! (For Kieren that is ;-) He climbs up to Aiden's bunk, and begins to play with him. Now Aiden knows that if he does not sound the big brother alarm (AKA tattling) that he too will get in deep doo doo. So as soon as Kieren successfully reaches the top, I hear "Mommy! Kieren is on my bed!" I go in there with a stern face and a mean mommy voice, and tell Kieren to come to me NOW! (The reason Kieren is not allowed on Aiden's bunk is because it is unsafe for him at his age...if he were older and more seasoned with the up down process, I would let it go) Anyway, this goes on about 5 more times, and I get my biceps workout ;-) So I grabbed the flip on the third time, and this is what happened: (a little disclosure: I did not use my big voice for this video...and really, he doesn't act any different when I do. HA!)

Gosh he is too darn cute to punish...ahhhhh!!